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"Guiding Light" (2023) Original triptych  of three 8" X 8" acrylic on canvas paintings by Reilly Fitzgerald.

For all who face rough waters daily, looking for a guiding light


Shortly after writing my post (see below) on the television mini series "Painkiller" and my personal Oxycontin story, I felt inspired to paint something symbolic of being in rough waters and following a guiding light. So I grabbed three small 8" X 8" canvases and started painting. It is a small triptych painting so I finished it fairly quickly. Here is the middle canvas panel of the three. It is the least artistic and doesn't reveal much but when combined with the two end pieces tell the whole story. This in itself is symbolic of being part of a bigger picture. You've seen the subject in some of my other paintings before, such as "Rough Waters" and "See the Light"  but I felt the need to document it again

"Guiding Light" (2023) Original triptych 8" X 8"each acrylic on canvas R Fitz

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