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Here is a memory of Wabush I captured in paint about a month or so ago. Many former Wabush residents, like most who grew up in NL (and Canada in general) have memories of jumping into snow piles, but in certain parts of Wabush it was more specialized when after a significant snowfall someone would ask, "who wants to go jumping off the garages?!"
Lots of memories of flying for a second, deep soft snow, and the occasional lost boot. (lol)
"Playing in the Snow, Wabush" (2023) 18" X 24" acrylic on canvas by Reilly Fitzgerald.
A "NL Children at Play" series painting.
Hope you like it, and it brings back good memories.

Pre-Order "Playing in the Snow, Wabush" (2023) 18" X 24"

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