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"Ripening Blueberries" (2022) 8" X 20" acrylic on canvas painting by Reilly Fitzgerald.

Some of you might remember a trivial act of destruction resulting from the outer reaches of the winds of Hurricane Fiona, when Kaeleigh was at Applefest! Market at Port Blandford and a "flying crate" damaged an original painting. That painting was “Ripening Blueberries" (2022) 8" X 20" acrylic on canvas, and although there was a 4 inch vertical tear in the middle of the canvas, I have managed to repair it. It is not perfect, because repairs never are, and it is not painted exactly as the original because I figured with the original artist doing the repairs that kind of meticulousness wasn’t necessary – lol.

Anyway, now that the painting has an added story, as well as added creative action from the artist, does this lessen the painting’s original value or increase it? Good question. I guess it comes down to demand, or lack of it. You know, sometimes we treat people that have been damaged and repaired the same way . . . okay that’s getting too philosophical and sappy – lol.

Here are some pictures of the original scan of the painting and a picture of the repaired painting and the repaired painting placed in a frame.

As always, hope you like it.

“Ripening Blueberries" (2022) 8" X 20" acrylic on canvas by Reilly Fitzgerald.


"Ripening Blueberries" (2022) 8" X 20" acrylic on canvas Original Reilly Fitzger

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